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UPLAN Network summarizes the results of three years of activity

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October 2017 – the date of the official start of the UPLAN Civic Network of Public Law and Administration.

Representative offices in the regions appeared a little later – in early 2018. Then regional coordinators joined the project, and in the summer of 2018 – communication managers started their work.

Currently, the UPLAN Network involves 73 experts from six Ukrainian cities (Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv, Odesa, Lviv and Kyiv), who work together on analytical products in seven areas:

  •  constitutionalism and electoral reform;
  •  organization of executive power and civil service reform;
  •  activities of public administration (administrative services and procedure);
  •  organization and activities of law enforcement agencies;
  •  courts and judiciary;
  •  prevention of corruption;
  •  local self-government and regional development.

Today, a number of joint researches and projects form the collection of the Network’s achievements. They are, in particular:

  1.  monitoring the quality of administrative services in 50 CPAS;
  2.  study of the situation with public order in the communities of Ukraine;
  3.  trainings for lawyers on the use of the instrument of constitutional complaint;
  4.  preparation and expert discussions of the new subregional administrative division of the regions of Ukraine.

During the three years of the Network’s work, its experts have prepared 113 analytical articles and 20 profile blogs for publication on the UPLAN portal and in the media. These materials include explanations of the reforms, an analysis of the current state of affairs and ideas on how to intensify the process. These are the results of research and observations of analysts.

The names of UPLAN experts have repeatedly been reported in the media: in three years, the media have accumulated 530 references.

We continue to work on the quality and speed of the implementation of reforms.

You can learn more about the activities of the Network and its achievements from the presentation.