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Donor organizations cooperating with the Center for Political and Legal Reforms

The Center for Political and Legal Reforms is a member of coalitions

Resuscitation package of reforms

A civic platform that brings together leading NGOs and experts from all over Ukraine and acts as a focal point for the development and implementation of key reforms in Ukraine.
The coalition was formed in early 2014. CPPR is one of the founders of the coalition.

CPPR experts participate in the following RPR working groups: Decentralization, Constitutional Reform, Judicial Reform, Anti-Corruption Reform, Public Administration Reform, Law Enforcement Reform, RPR-Kyiv.

Liaison office of Ukrainian think tanks in Brussels

The mission of the Liaison Office of the Ukrainian Analytical Centers in Brussels (hereinafter - the Office) is to establish a permanent independent center of the Ukrainian non-governmental analytical sector in the EU to promote Ukraine’s European integration.
The Office performs the representative functions of the non-governmental analytical sector of Ukraine in Brussels within the mandate given to it by its members. The office represents Ukrainian think tanks and creates a permanent platform for their activities in Brussels and EU countries.
Igor Koliushko, Chairman of the Board of CPPR, is also Chairman of the Board of the Office.

Organizations with which the Center for Political and Legal Reforms cooperates: