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European integration
European integration

The Centre of Policy and Legal Reform is a Ukrainian think-tank established in 1996. The CPLR is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-party organization. Our mission is to facilitate institutional reforms in Ukraine for strengthening democracy, rule of law, and good governance.

There are ongoing problems in the relationship between the Ukrainian government and the citizens of Ukraine. Some of this is directly related to the actions of the government, but to blame the current administration for all the problems of the Ukrainian state would be a historic simplification. The inheritance of the history of modern Ukraine is a burden to borne by everyone living and working in Ukraine. This is not unique for Ukraine, for that matter. Every state is a sum of its historical parts. 

The legal system of Ukraine is an ongoing reform process. This cliché is particularly apparent when it comes to business regulation. Ukraine has reformed many of the laws in this area(for example see the Tax Code, the Customs Code, the Law on the Protection of the Rights of Consumers, the Law on Market Oversight, the Law on Sanitary Oversight and the Law on the General Principles of State Control Oversight Activity in Economic Sphere) but little has been done to reform the application of regulatory reforms.

The leaders of the member states of the European Union (EU) met in Stockholm, Sweden in 2009 to discuss the future political progress in the area of justice, freedom and security. Despite the ever-present financial crisis, the meeting did produce an action plan, the Stockholm Programme (sp), that was meant to advance ‘people’s Europe’ into the new decade. Included in the action plan was a section concerning the protection of citizen’s rights within the information society.

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