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Preparation and public discussion of justified proposal of the new district (raion or povit) division of all oblasts as a part of the local self-government reform in Ukraine

Donor: FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
Budget: 65800.00 EUR
Realization: 01-06-2019-15-03-2020

The suggested project continues activities which were implemented in 2018-2019 as a part of the CPLR’s project “Strengthening the Role of Civil Society in Facilitating Democratic Reforms and Increasing Accountability, Responsibility, and Quality of Government” supported by the European Commission. Research on the new district (raion or povit) division was conducted for 5 oblasts of Ukraine.

The project intends to conduct similar research for other 19 oblasts of Ukraine according to already developed methodology and to provide the Government with the justified proposal of new district (raion or povit) division of oblasts. Project outputs will be used  by the Government for further implementation of the local self-government reform.