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Improvement of Social and Administrative Services in Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya oblasts

Donor: GIZ
Budget: 350315.00 UAH
Realization: 23-02-2017-30-04-2017

The objective

The overall objective is to optimize the services and improve the performance of Centers for Administrative Services and Social Protection Centers by introducing new forms and best practices of organizational management, client relations and external coordination to the staff of these institutions.


1. Participants of the regional conference are informed and some are willing to take part in the series of trainings to improve the situation.

2. Local authorities understand the challenges and are willing to work to address them.

3. Preparation of an in-depth training programme by the international and local experts.

4. As a result of the gained knowledge, the local population receives comprehensive and better quality services, the CAS and SPC save valuable resources through new forms of organizational and individual work time management.

Under the scope of the project it was conucted a conference 'Development of Administration Service Centres, integration of social services anh help internally displaced persons' and 6 practical courses in Kharkiv city 'Collaboration between Administration Service Centres and Labour Departments and social protection for the public for upgrading of public services'.