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Centre of Policy and Legal Reform has been reorganized

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Board of the CPLR has made a decision on the think-tank reorganization and expansion of its activities

Board of the CPLR has made a decision on the think-tank reorganization and expansion of its activities. 

According to the decision the whole CPLR team shall consist of three categories of employees:

1) Permanent experts — the most experienced experts, holding areas of the CPLR activities (7 staff members for today). Due to their credibility and analytical capabilities, grants are provided, researches are requested, et al. We also seek to increase their number, but this requires the experts’ desire to increase knowledge, experience and to work hard.

2) Administrative staff — Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, accountant, office manager, media manager, head of regional initiatives, head of educational initiatives, et al. They are appointed on a competitive basis and work permanently while efficiently perform their duties.

3) Experts — young or experienced experts who come to the CPLR with the intention of becoming our permanent experts or to gain experience and to go somewhere for further education or professional development. They are assigned according to the results of competitive selection for duration of a specific project or execution of certain expert functions, but no longer than three years. Three years later, they become permanent experts of the Centre, or go to another job, or take part in a new open competition for the position.

The second organizational decision of the Board has been the approval of the Centre structure consisting of two divisions.

Department of constitutional and administrative reforms

Areas of activity:

1.1. Constitutional issues, elections and parliamentarism.

1.2. Reform of the Cabinet of Ministers and central executive authorities.

1.3. Development of public service.

1.4. Decentralization.

1.5. Development of administrative services, regulation of administrative procedures.

Department of reform in the judiciary and law enforcement

Areas of activity:

2.1. Reform of judicial system and status of judges.

2.2. Administrative justice, judicial process.

2.3. Criminal justice, Prosecutor’s Office.

2.4. Development of the police and other law enforcement agencies.

2.5. Prevention and combating corruption.

Each Department is guided by three permanent experts and has at least five experts selected on a competitive basis for a three-year period.

Additional experts might be involved in performance of separate projects on the basis of temporary civil contracts for a period to fulfil the tasks.

The CPLR staff for today has an approved amount of 25 members.