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The 3rd interim report by the civil society’s monitoring of implementation of EU-Ukraine Association Agenda priorities in 2010

Criminal justice /
Foreign law

In 2010, Ukraine implemented only 8 out of 70 analyzed reform priorities, outlined in the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda (AA), the key document regulating EU-Ukraine relations. Trends during the reporting period showed that progress in the reforms agenda is too slow, and a clear regress exists in a number of fields. These are the major conclusions of the third interim monitoring report, prepared by a civil society’s monitoring of the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda and presented on March 17th, 2011 at a press conference in Kyiv.

3rd monitoring report (overview of the progress made in 2010)

2nd monitiring report (July-October, 2010)

1st monitoring report (March-June 2010)