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Ukraine — EU Speedometer: Constitutional and Judicial Reforms

Donor: European Commission
Budget: 218885.16 EUR
Realization: 01-01-2014-31-12-2015

The purpose

  1. to support constitutional and judicial reforms that meet European standards and the public needs, as well as to ensure that constitutional reform is conducted in accordance with the manner established by the Constitution.
  2. to raise the awareness of civil society of the state obligation on the constitutional and judicial reforms within the framework of European integration, as well as of the developments and progress in implementation of these commitments.
  3. to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to encourage the authorities to implement reforms in accordance with the state obligations and in line with European standards.


  1.  A “Reforms Speedometer” web page was created, with the reform speedometer’s indicators updated on a monthly basis to reflect the events that took place (according to a prepared evaluation methodology); additionally infographics are prepared and news on reform issues and analytical materials are posted.
  2. Roundtables on “Constitutional Reform: Ways of Implementation and Directions of Change”, “Constitutional Reform as an Opportunity to Create a Fair Trial”, “New Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine: Problems of Application and European Standards”, and a conference on “Judicial Reform Strategy: Challenges for the New Parliament”.
  3. A competition of students’ essays titled “European Vector of Constitutional and Judicial Reforms” was conducted; its winner completed an internship with the Center for Political and Legal Reforms.
  4. A national public opinion survey was conducted to gauge the level of public awareness with European standards in the areas of constitutional law and justice and to identify the society’s needs in these areas, to enable their being taken into account in implementing the reforms.
  5. Two working groups – on constitutional reform and on judicial reform and the reform of prosecution – were set up to promote constitutional and justice reform in Ukraine in accordance with European standards. Both working groups became part of the civic initiative “Reanimation Package of Reforms,” and both reforms were defined as priorities for this civic initiative; both working groups are led by experts of the Center for Political and Legal Reforms.