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Trial Monitoring in Ukrainian Courts

Donor: OSCE
Budget: 91028.00 EUR
Realization: 01-11-2016-20-12-2017

The objective 

The objective of the project is twofold,

firstly, to strengthen the capacity of the civil society in trial monitoring and,

secondly, to analyse monitoring findings in light of applicable international fair trial standards, identify gaps in the domestic framework that cause or contribute to lack of compliance with relevant international norms and draft recommendations to address these gaps.


1. Trial monitoring training for future monitors


a training programme based on PCU’s trial monitoring methodology for Ukrainian NGOs and on ODIHR’s trial monitoring manual is developed;
at least 50 candidates are selected and trained on trial monitoring;
50 trained candidates underwent mentoring programme with CPLR’s experts in trial monitoring;
25 trained monitors are selected for engaging to conduct trial monitoring.

2. At least 1,400 hearings are monitored

3. An Assessment Report is produced

4. CPLR attended two presentations organized by the PCU and presented monitoring results and key findings from the Assessment Report


On the middle of the May in 2018 public monitors visited 174 sittings of the court and results were shown in corresponding check-lists.