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Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations in the regions of Ukraine to influence the state authorities and local self-government in order to accelerate reforms

Donor: Embassy of Kingdom of the Netherlands (Matra Project)
Budget: 272614.00 EUR
Realization: 05-03-2016-05-03-2018

Project goal

To provide civic activists from large cities with necessary knowledge on how to influence the central government to speed up the reforms and to directly address the issues of reforms at the local level to the extent, which is granted within the legislation. The project should also play a catalyst role for their activation and cohesion.

Results (1st year)

The CPLR was able to bring together a range of CSOs from all over Ukraine, involving more than 120 local CSOs from 25 regions of Ukraine, as well as to conduct trainings for them (171 activists participated), hold a subgrant competition, and provide methodological and expert support to local CSOs. Based on the result of the subgrant competition, the 10 most interesting projects (out of 41 applications) from all regions of Ukraine were selected in the following areas: developing and improving citizens’ self-organization, promoting reform of local self-governance, developing the system of providing administrative services, establishing the new police and reforming the state inspection bodies, monitoring the implementation of prosecutorial and judicial reforms, and conducting anti-corruption expert evaluations of decisions of local self-governance and local executive bodies.