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Strengthening democracy in Ukraine through monitoring of government decisions in the context of the European Neighbourhood Policy with Ukraine in accordance with good governance and rule of law

Donor: European Union Budget line: 19.04.01
Budget: 193017.00 EUR
Realization: 18-11-2008-18-11-2010

Overall objective

  • Strengthening the rule of law, good governance, inde­pendence of justice in Ukraine in accordance with European Neighborhood Policy with Ukraine

Specific objectives in the field of public administration reform

  • Developing proper legal regulations on authorities and organization of public administration
  • Providing clear differentiation between political and administrative offices in public administration
  • Developing the law dealing to establish politically neutral, professional and stable public service
  • Developing and implement law on administrative procedure (relations between public administration and private persons)
  • Increasing the efficiency of preparation and adoption of governmental decisions
  • Developing law on access to public information in order to provide transparency of public administration


  • Draft concepts (policy papers) on local self-government reform and administrative and territorial building reform — concept on local self-government reform’s approved by the Ukrainian Government on July 28, 2009; concepts on administrative and territorial building’s on approval at the Ukrainian Government
  • Draft Law on Access to Public Information was developed and submitted to the Parliament (after broad advocacy campaign of different CSOs the Law was adopted on 13 January 2011)
  • Draft Code of Administrative Procedures was developed (the contribution of CPLR experts was significant)
  • Draft Law on Ministries and Central Executive Bodies and draft Law on Public Service were developed (both were adopted by the parliament in 2011 but with a huge distortions made for the sake of political interest)
  • Dialog between government and civil society was supported due to monitoring activities
  • Conducting permanent monitoring of the government activity in the area of justice, criminal justice, constitutional and administrative reform with responding to the most high-profile event in this area (public measures, press-conference etc.)
  • Producing experts conclusion related to the key draft laws
  • Preparing the report on development of public law in Ukraine in 2009-2010 (forthcoming publication at the end of 2010)