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Providing support to JustTalk, an online platform for competent discussion

Donor: International Renaissance Foundation
Budget: 493480 ₴
Realization: 04-01-2021-31-07-2021

The aim – to contribute to the formation of a proper culture of discussion on criminal justice issues, where the determination is thoroughness, provability and accessibility of the material (“clear and convincing about the complex”), and not the status of the author.

In order to achieve the results of the project, the following will be done:

  •  a list (formation of a database) of already published analytical / research materials on criminal justice selected (including foreign ones, which would meet the principles of diligence, evidence and accessibility) for potential publication;
  •  representatives of the target group (primarily professional participants in criminal proceedings) involved in the preparation of new (original) analytical materials, in particular, in the development of topics that are not legal but affect the effectiveness of the criminal justice system (management, financial management, innovations in law) etc);
  •  new (original) analytical materials on criminal justice, which would meet the principles of diligence, evidence and accessibility, prepared;
  •  original graphic elements prepared, as well as audio-video products (presentations, speeches, discussions, interviews, etc.), to convey the content of the materials to the public or their promotion;
  •  a master class on writing texts for representatives of the target group who are interested in being regular contributors to the JustTalk site conducted.