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Improvement of administrative services providing in Ukraine; public administration reform; decentralization and local self-government

Donor: GTZ (German Technical Cooperation Office), SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation)
Budget: 12000.00 EUR
Realization: 01-03-2009-01-12-2009


  • Increasing people and confidence in public administration
  • Analysis of the present situation in Ukraine
  • Selection and documentation of “good practices” in Ukraine
  • Information and analysis of concepts and experiences in countries of Western Europe, esp. Switzerland and Germany
  • Identifying lessons to be learnt for future development of local administration in Ukraine (practical concept of “one-stop-shop”)
  • Selecting some pilot cities or communes to design a concept on practical changes in organization, administrative procedure and personnel
  • Preparing a handbook on “One-stop-shop in local administration” (in Ukrainian) for practical use in all cities