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Facilitating the establishment of democratic legislation about national referendums holding

Donor: IFES
Budget: 245700.00 UAH
Realization: 01-10-2016-30-04-2017

Project goal

To establish democratic legislation about national referendums holding


1. Recognizing the Law 'About all-Ukrainian referendum' as unconstitutional

2. Adoption the Law 'About all-Ukrainian referendum' in new version of the law, according to European standards.


J.Kyrychenko – project head manager, expert

I.Koliushko – expert

B.Bondarenko – junior expert

As a rezult of the project an awareness campaign on the referendum's problems was held for civil society; research articles were written; a book was published. The CPLR experts' press statements are shown in mainstream media of Ukraine. Within the awareness campaign there was organized 1 national forum; 1 Announcement from 20 NGOs with appeal to the higher bodies of state authority; the roundtable discussions were held in 3 regions of Ukraine and brain-rings were run in 3 regions also; infographics about all threats of the latest law on national referendum were issued.