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Facilitating access to public services and improving their quality during the war in Ukraine

Donor: DT Institute
Budget: 14996 $
Realization: 01-09-2022-31-03-2023

The main project’s goal is to make administrative services more accessible and of better quality for citizens, primarily for IDPs, in wartime conditions by improving the state policy in this area. It is worth noting that officials of local self-government authorities (LSGAs) and local executive authorities do not always dare to complain to the Government and relevant ministries about their practical problems. Therefore, CPLR will act as an intermediate link between them. For example, CPLR has recently discovered the problem of submitting IDPs’ applications for social assistance electronically – through the “Diya” Portal. Because of the errors in the formation of such applications, people may lose the opportunity to receive assistance for two months, because there is no clear mechanism for making clarifications in the application and preserving the original date of its submission. CPLR’s experts reported the information about this problem to relevant ministries along with proposals for their solution