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Expert assistance to government in reforming ministries in the context of PAR (functional audits of 8 pilot ministries and recommendations on their reogranization)

Donor: FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) Strategic Programme Fund and Bilateral Programme Fund
Budget: 23221.00 EUR
Realization: 15-05-2017-28-02-2018

The objective

The main goal is to provide expert assistance to the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in reorganizing ministerial apparatus in line with Strategy of Public Administration Reform and European standards of public administration leading to new quality of ministries’ work. In particular, the project will assist in carrying out a functional analysis of 8 pilot ministries and will produce recommendations on their restructuring.


  1. Methodology on analysis of tasks, functions and structures of ministries based on foreign experience of ministries’ reorganization developed.
  2. Analysis of tasks, functions and structures of 8 pilot ministries performed.

Proposals and recommendations on reforming pilot ministries developed and presented to the Cabinet of Ministers.