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Core-Support to CSO Centre of Policy and Legal Reform

Donor: Pact
Budget: 299966.00 USD
Realization: 01-10-2017-30-09-2020

The purpose of the sub-award is to increase citizen engagement in civic activities at the national, subnational, and local level; to build a national hub-based CSO coalition and to strengthen CPLR’s organizational capacity; to strengthen the capacity of CSOs in all regions of Ukraine to influence the state and local self-governance to accelerate reforms.

The objectives of the sub-award are:

·  To build sustainable links and exchange experience between CSOs, local activists, authorities, and journalists.

·  To consolidate civil society efforts, sharing the best practices among CSOs.

·  To increase the number of citizens aware of civic activism in promoting democratic reforms.


Major Activities to be Funded within the Sub-award

·  To conduct a strategic session to develop CPLR’s strategy for 2018-2020 that would include long-term activity goals and measurable indicators of their achievement and a plan for expansion of target groups and deepening cooperation with them.

·  To establish representative offices in 5 hub cities (Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, and Dnipro), with potential for expansion into neighboring regions.

·  To conduct joint trainings with regional CSOs and government authorities. CPLR will facilitate communications between the government bodies and key stakeholders (as represented by regional CSOs) on matters related to interpretation of reform processes and the entire policy analysis cycle.

·  To conduct communication and educational campaigns in target regions via CPLR’s representative offices to support democratic reforms.

Expected Results

·  An influential network of CSOs established throughout Ukraine at the regional and local levels, which could influence local and central authorities.

·  Regional CSOs increased their expert capacities in the areas of citizen self-organization, facilitating local self-governance development.

·  Monitoring the state’s implementation of prosecutorial and judicial reforms, providing anti-corruption expertise, and monitoring the constitutionality of government actions.

·  Increased number of citizens engaged in civic activism.

·  Enhanced CPLR capacities to promote reforms through influencing the government by regional CSOs and activists, increasing the expert capacity in these areas.

·  Improved communication among regional CSOs and government authorities.