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Justice (institutional safeguards of human rights)

Constitutional order /
Human rights


1. Access to Justice

2. Judicial System

2.1. System of general courts

2.2. Court Logistics and Support

3. Administration of Justice

3.1. Criminal Justice

3.2. Civil Justice

3.3. Administrative Justice

4. Status of Judges 

1. Access to Justice

In any nation the criteria of accessibility of justice are as follows:

– absence of groundless barriers for court access and prompt judicial remedies;

– popular awareness of the judicial system, its activation and practices;

– availability of the optimal system of court expenses and sophisticated mechanisms of legal assistance to the poor;

– enforceability of judicial rulings.

In the years of independence Ukraine saw major changes in terms of granting access to the judiciary. The competence of courts was extended onto all possibly emerging legal relations. Yet, the extension of courts’ competence, the development of social relations and complications with their regulation entailed an overloading of the judicial system.