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Promotion of party finance transparency and integrity standards in Ukraine

Donor: IFES
Budget: 34050.00 USD
Realization: 01-04-2018-31-07-2019
In Ukraine political finance reform has entered the most challenging stage, that targets transition from de jure status to ensuring real transparency.
The Project is aimed at supporting efficient implementation of the reform and increasing party finance transparency through
1) analysis of political parties reporting compliance with anti-corruption legislation and verification of parties’ financial reports;
2) integral monitoring of the effectiveness of the institutions in charge of political finance reform implementation and party finance control;
3) assistance to state policy on transparency and accountability of parties finance;
4) rising public awareness on party finances as a criteria of electoral choice. 
The Project targets the following groups:
1) political parties, their vendors and donors;
2) NAPC, the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, the Central Election Commission, district and territorial election commissions, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the National Police of Ukraine and courts;
3) Parliament;
4) activists and journalists;
5) electorate.  
The Project will be implemented at national and regional levels. Activities will be piloted in 5 regions: Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and Dnipro.
The Project will be delivered by Center UA and the Center for Political and Legal Reforms, leading NGOs in party finance monitoring and anti-corruption advocacy.