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“Vision for Ukraine – 2030” of the public coalition “Ukraine after Victory”

Martial Law

The Head of the Board of the Center for Political and Legal Reforms, Ihor Koliushko, and the experts of the CPLR formulated the vision of the institutional organization of public power in the joint work “Vision for Ukraine – 2030” of the public coalition “Ukraine after Victory”

Ukrainians are now united by the single goal of defeating the Moscow aggressor. However, of the same importance is the unity of the Ukrainian nation around the vision we have for Ukraine after the victory.

Thanks to the heroism and massive efforts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the support and assistance of the world community, we are undoubtedly moving towards the victory. The daily work of each of us lays the foundation for future success which involves not only the liberation of the occupied territories, but also reaching conditions and standards under which we will live comfortably in our country. Considering the need for a common vision of the future, the public coalition “Ukraine after Victory” was created. Thus, several dozen well-known scientists and public experts have formulated their findings in the “Vision for Ukraine – 2030”.

“Vision for Ukraine – 2030” is not only a list of dreams to be achieved in each sector of state policy by 2030, but also recommendations and warnings on the way to implementing this plan. After its extensive discussion and agreement, we will write policy documents on how to realize our dreams and offer them to the Ukraine’s government and our country’s partners in its reconstruction after the victory.

The experts of the CPLR took an active part in writing the “Vision for Ukraine – 2030”, and the Head of the board of the CPLR Ihor Koliushko became one of the founders of the public coalition “Ukraine after Victory”; he also formed a team of authors and edited the 2nd section of the Vision “Institutional Organization of Public Power”.

We invite you to join and share your comments and suggestions via the link.

Ukraine after the Victory.pdf from Centre of Policy and Legal Reform

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