9 січня 2012

Жоден з пріоритетів Угоди про асоціацію в розділі "Політичний діалог" не виконується - результати громадського моніторингу

CPLR experts Yaryna Zhurba and Tanya Ruda is the members of ten-experts team that is providing the monitoring. They have analyzed the Euro-integration progress of Ukraine in the areas of Constitutional reform in Ukraine and Reforming the judiciary and the judicial system relatively. 

Monitoring results show that priorities of the “Political dialogue” section were partially fulfilled, however without any preliminary plan how to do it. Unfortunately it's hard to name any priority where Ukraine’s progresses were significant. Alongside positive tendencies to react on urgent matters which Ukraine has faced and which are often quoted by the EU, the state’s government continues to take decisions which contradict the implementation of European standards.

A striking example for this kind of situation is the Constitutional reform in Ukraine, as while the President is building up a Constitutional Assembly, every month dozens of decrees are being signed by the Head of State, while being legally beyond the President’s constitutional powers.

A similar tendency can be observed in the area of the reform of the the judiciary. On the one hand, the draft law “On amending the Law of Ukraine “On judicial system and the status of judges”” can be seen as a positive step. On the other hand, the political influence over courts is still ongoing: authorities effectively implement the mechanism of choosing the “right” judges and punishing those who are not loyal to them. Promotion to the courts of higher level is not based on any competition and the establishment of such competition it is not even foreseen by the law.

Read full Report of the Civic monitoring of the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda.

Source:  www.eu-ukraine.org