Constitutional order / Constitutional justice

In the infographics you can quickly find out how to correctly implement inalienable constitutional right 

21 february 2018

4 positions in the Constitutional Court remain vacant for a long time, 2 - by the Verkhovna Rada and 2 - by the President

The President needs to immediately exercise his personnel authorities regarding the appointment of 2 judges of the Constitutional Court based on the results of a competitive selection. In other words, two candidates with the highest rating of the competition commission leaving other candidates far behind (S. Golovatyi, V. Lemak) should be appointed

31 january 2018

Constitutional Justice Reform: No Results Yet

In June 2016, the constitutional reform in the area of justice took place in Ukraine, part of which was reforming the status of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine aimed at ensuring its independence. Politically motivated decisions of the Constitutional Court under the Yanukovych regime, notably the unconstitutional change of the Constitution in September of 2010, clearly highlighted the problem of dependence of constitutional justice in Ukraine

18 december 2017

The public calls on the Competition Comission under the President to disclose information on the selection of judges to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

 The CPLR and RPR call on the competition commission to disclose December 19: List of persons recommended for the position of a judge of the CCU; Resolution of the competition commission on the refusal to allow six candidates to participate; Information on the procedure for assessing the candidate’s compliance with the constitutional requirements for a candidate for the CCU judge position, first of all with respect to high moral qualities and a requirement to be a recognized lawyer

13 july 2017

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine: The Problem of Guaranteeing Independence

Executive summary of the DRI briefing paper prepared by Yulia Kyrychenko, expert of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reforms

29 november 2016

Judiciary reform in effect: what changes should citizens, judges and lawyers wait for?

The CPLR Constitutional law project manager  Yulia Kyrychenko participated in a public discussion ‘Judiciary reform in effect: what changes should citizens, judges and lawyers wait for?’ in Dnipro city on December 27-28, 2016

22 october 2015

Reanimation Package of Reforms proposes to reform the judiciary system and the ranks of judges through amending the Constitution of Ukraine

The proposal put forward by the Reanimation Package of Reforms (hereinafter RPR) involves creating a new three-tier judicial system with an open and transparent competition for appointment of judges to each position. This proposal is aimed at ensuring the right to a fair trial, as guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights.