22 january 2013

Number of judicial restraints rose in 2012

Number of legal proceedings about judicial restraints for meetings, heard in 2012 by county administrative court, increased more than one third, comparing with the previous year – 358 court decisions in 2012 against 227 court decisions in 2011. From these 316 judicial restraints for meetings against 203 restraints in the previous year. Percents of restraints has not changed – 88% of proceedings courts came down on the side of public authorities (previous year – 89%).

Compared with 2009 (before an implementation of judicial reform identified by the President Yanukovych) the number of such proceedings increased more than three times in 2012 and the number of judicial restraints increased four and a half times!

A leader of the judicial restraints became Kharkiv region (103 court decisions about restraints are one third of all restraints all over Ukraine. Under these circumstances county administrative courts  and administrative courts of appeal came down on the side of public authorities 100% of their decisions). Further the same we could see in Crimea (43 restraints), Kyiv (26) and Mykolaiv (24) regions.

An upward trend for organizers of meetings was shown only by Khersonskyi county administrative court and Vinnytskyi administrative court of appeal, cause of all their proceedings did not finish in favour of public authorities. At that in Kherson region local authority reduced recourse to a court.

A positive trend we could see in a practice of Supreme Administrative Court, which came down on the side of government authorities in 2011 and of meetings initiators. Probably it was connected with that Supreme Administrative Court made a practice generalization of that category in 2012 and prepared an explanation for other courts. 

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