11 october 2017

Anticorruption court: what leads Poroshenko to change a mind and further danger

It is evident that change of position of Presidential Administration is connected with the last finding of Venice Commission on two draft laws on anticorruption courts

It was given in the ‘Slovo i Dilo’, and which Deputy of the Head of the Board of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform Roman Kuybida said, assessing an information about political party 'Block Petra Poroshenka’ had an intention to introduce a draft law on foundation of anticorruption courts.

‘There were two draft laws. The first was from MPs group on foundation of Supreme anticorruption court and appropriate chamber in new Supreme Court, and the second draft law was created by MP from BPP Serhiy Alekseev on foundation of chamber in all courts. Venice Commission supported foundation of separate anticorruption court and laid strictures on idea on foundation of chambers’, - brought to recollection Kuybida.

In his opinion, changing of Poroshenko discourse connected exactly with that. More importantly Venice Commission commended to the attention of the President to introduce the draft law, which would have objectified all recommendations and remarks of Commission. ‘It is an evident fact that such draft law should be introduced. Venice Commission believes only the President is an inclusive power, which can unite Parliament to pass a law’.

‘Further it will be very important  to see things in a more detail content of the draft law. It is not improbable that there is a danger that the President wants to continue the existing pattern of selection of judges, and it can be manipulated. Not only this is a danger, but also the President are able to set up a target to establish the court, which must be controlled’, - Roman Kuybida summarized.