13 april 2017

Press-breakfast ‘Imitatio of fight: anti-corruption tale of Ukraine for 2016’

The CPLR experts, Transparency International Ukraine and independent experts with the assistance of International Renaissance Foundation were evaluating action items for anticorruption policy, which governmental authorities realized in 2016.

Among the conclusions of experts there are the most important following head-notes.

An overall level realization of measures of Anticorruption strategy for 2014 – 2017 and State programme on realization of Anticorruption strategy for 2014 – 2017 doesn’t go beyond 60%, - but all measures should be already realized for 90–95%.

Concerning statistics of corruption-related crimes, so in 2016:

- 15770 corruption-related crimes were registered, 6052 persons were apprised about suspicions (38% from number of registered crimes);

 - proceedings with criminal indictment, which were taken to courts, concerned to 4646 persons (29% from number of registered crimes), 1083 such persons were convicted (7% from number of registered crimes). There are three times less than in 2013 (3011 persons). 94 persons from them were convicted (0,6% from number of registered crimes). There are three and a half times less than in 2013 (344 persons).

So what can we wait for in 2017?

Institutional system of combatting corruption were not established for recent years: there are not comparable list of corruption-related crimes, so armchair bribery has corruption-related crimes’ name, – instead of giving unequivocal expression that the most widespread and dangerous corruption is embezzlement of public funds.

‘Concerning to National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, its detectives took to court only 69 criminal proceedings. Comparing with general amount of all criminal proceedings with guilty verdicts (138330), preferred to court in 2016, 69 is only 0,05%. It is little or nothing. That means National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine will not be an anti-corruption campaigner in the near future’. – said the Director of Scientifically development of the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform Mykola Khavronyuk.

Secondly, we don’t know how much corruption we have in our country just now, so we don’t extirpate it, but only cut corruptive treetops.