15 november 2016

The Coordination Board for assistance in development of civil society

Head of the CPLR Board Ihor Koliushko become a member of newly created the Coordination Board for assistance in development of civil society. By the Presidential edict from November 4 of 2016 the Coordination Board has been advisory and consultative body of the President.

The main duties of the Coordination Board is an assistance in emerging role of civil society, particularly a mobilization of non-governmental organizations to the processes of forming and implementing a state, regional policy and solving local problems. Besides of that, members of this advisory and consultative body will take part in the establishment of successful cooperation between non-governmental organizations and public authorities, local self-government. Further, they will be involved in preparation  and consideration of the Draft Laws, which apply to different spheres of civil society development and are introduced by the President for consideration by the Parliament. These and many other tasks are the part of the National Strategy of assistance in civil society development in Ukraine for 2016-2020.

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