25 december 2015

Give public procurement to Ukraine!

Europe has long been active in electronic public procurement. In Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine) on December 24, 2015 adopted in general the bill on public procurement. Procurement system Prozorro was a standard for a new electronic tendering.

The explanatory note to this act provides that its aim is the implementation of the Association on the implementation of Directive 2014/24/EC and 2014/25/EC; increased competition in public procurement and reduction of corruption; promoting transparent use of budget funds; improving purchasers’ professionalism.

This bill is drafted by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukrainе with active participation of civic activists, experts of Reanimation Package of Reforms, Transparency International Ukraine, Center for Political Studies and Analysis, Anti-Corruption Action Centre.

From the beginning of 2016, such novels in the conduct of public procurement will be present:

—  the ability to go through the whole process of procurement in electronic format (from application to appeal of the results);

—  reduced terms of the procedure;

—  reduced number of documents required for participation in procurement;

—  precise regulation of the manner of payment for participation in the electronic tenders;

—  abolition of compulsory “tender committees”;

—  optimized ‘powers of the state’ control.

This progressive law reduces corruption risks in the existing state procurement and allows deregulation in carrying out business participation in the electronic tenders. Nowadays, all the information on public procurement, e.g. about the participants, monetary expenses, can be assessed without limitation.

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