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5 June


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Public discussions "All-Ukrainian referendum: open dialogue with citizens" will take place in May-June 2020.

5 June

The Centre of Policy and Legal Reform in cooperation with the National Democratic Institute of International Relations (NDI), International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in Ukraine and the NGO “Institute Republica” will hold a series of public discussions “All-Ukrainian referendum: open dialogue with citizens”, which will take place in May-June 2020.

The purpose of public discussions is to promote an open and inclusive dialogue with citizens about the process of the All-Ukrainian referendum in Ukraine.

A total of six public discussions are scheduled for May-June, encompassing the main issues of the all-Ukrainian referendum process.

May 13, Object of the all-Ukrainian referendum: limits, consequences.

May 18, Exercise of the right of people to initiate a national referendum

May 25, Subjects of the referendum process: the rights of political parties, public organizations

May 27, All-Ukrainian referendum: agitation and information

June 3, Funding of the referendum process: threats, restrictions, control

June 5, Consequences of the all-Ukrainian referendum

The text of the draft law on the all-Ukrainian referendum can be found on the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

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