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We are glad to present the publication of the first research paper on the public administration reforms experience of the Visegrad  4 within the project “Public Administration Reform in Visegrad Countries: Lessons Learned for Belarus and Ukraine”. This paper addresses the current status of public administration and its reforms experience in Czech Republic. The document has been produced by the experts of the Asociace pro mezinárodní otázky 

11 march 2013

On Reforming Enforcement and Inspection Bodies: New report from OECD

As citizens, we have various relationships to the state. We interact with traffic police, school teachers for example, nearly every day. Businesses are different in this regard. The relationship between businesses and the state is more limited. The predominate interaction between businesses and the state is via regulation enforcement and inspection. This interaction is important to the health of the economy and the general wealth of citizens, as a good relationship fosters economic progress while a bad relationship hinders it.