Criminal justice / Bodies of Criminal Justice

The newly established State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) should focus primarily on investigating crimes committed by judicial and law enforcement officers. This is the opinion of the majority of experts and public representatives who took part in the online survey 

5 may 2016

Why courts are restoring fired police officers en masse, and how to stop it

Recertification of police officers and the campaign aimed at cleansing law enforcement agencies of crooked cops, launched last year, is at risk of falling through. Police officers who failed a recertification test are being restored to their jobs en masse via legal action.

8 february 2016

General oversight and prosecution’s other sins

The prosecution’s function of general oversight has been abolished ever since the relevant law has been passed. However, the Constitution still reserves this authority, although under a modified name: ‘oversight over the observance of human and citizen rights and freedoms and compliance of bodies of public administration, bodies of self-government, their officials and employees with the applicable laws’.

17 june 2013

Monitoring report «Implementation of new CCP of Ukraine during the first half of 2013»

Review of criminal statistics for the first half of 2013 in comparison with the respective data as of 2011 and 2012 leads to the following conclusions with respect to initial results of introduction of new Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine.

7 june 2013

Monitoring Report “The implementation of the new criminal procedure code of Ukraine: the initial results”

The report was developed within the framework of the project in partnership with the MATRA Program of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

17 january 2013

Prosecution vs. Prokuratura: the European experience concerning the title of prosecuting services

There is currently an ongoing discussion on how to reform the Ukrainian justice system.These discussions are given expression in the Presidential Administration of Ukraine's Constitutional Assembly proposals for improvement of sections of the Constitution of Ukraine on justice.