17 july 2018

Worldwide Think Tanks: who received 5 stars of transparency in 2018?


In 2018 the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform achieved the highest rating of financial transparency – got 5 stars according to a globally non-profit initiative Transparify (Georgia). Such a high level CPLR achieved not the first time.


Dr. Hans Gutbrod, Transparify’s Executive Director, stated at official press-release: “The expansion of transparent Think Tanks over the last five years shows that financial transparency is becoming the norm among high quality institutions the world over”.


Transparify has rated nearly 100 think tanks as highly or broadly transparent on their levels of financial disclosure. The final list 2018 has included 67 Think Tanks with 5-star transparency, 6 Think Tanks from Ukraine.



Noted: Institutions receive five stars for being entirely transparent about their funding.  Five-star institutions make it easy for an engaged citizen to find out who supports their work, and any of their specific projects. They are role models in the field. In practice institutions can do this by citing its supporters; providing funding amounts; highlighting project specific with core funding, ideally indicating project duration; making this information accessible, just a few clicks from the homepage.


To read the full report of Transparify follow the link. The Initiative described a reassessment of 92 think tanks in 24 countries worldwide.


The Centre of Policy and Legal Reform projects, revenue budget, funding sources and expenditures are available in the Activity Report by the link.

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