20 june 2018

Police Commissions in Ukraine: Summary of the report and infographics

Reform of law enforcement agencies in Ukraine foresees new forms of public control over their activity. Police commissions — is a new instrument that improved transparency, quality of selection and career possibilities of police officers. However, identified were drawbacks of legislative regulation of such commissions and practice of their implementation which impact their effectiveness.

In 2016-2017 police commissions were created within units of the National Police in all regions of Ukraine. As a result of a lack of communication between police and society as well as absence of a sufficient level of interest of media in the work of these commissions — there is either no information about them or just knowledge of the fact that they are foreseen by the Law.

This research is the first basic description of activity of police commissions. It includes the information on formation of commissions, problems of legislative regulation of their activity, judicial practice of appealing against decisions of commissions and other elements of this mechanism of public control.

Download summary of the report and infographics (eng, pdf)