Draft Laws


There are the most interesting and important draft Laws, developed by experts of CPLR or to development of which our experts were joined

  • The Draft Law №2897 from May 19, 2015 ‘On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning implementation of criminal offenses'

  • The Draft Law №2145a from June 26, 2015 ‘On All-Ukrainian referendum’

  • The Draft Law №3781 from January 18, 2016 ‘On the procedure of preparation of the new Constitutional draft of Ukraine’

  • The Draft Law №518from September 23, 2016 'On Supreme Council of Justice' (some basic points have not been introduced)

  • The Draft Law №5336-1 from November 17, 2016 'On Constitutional Court of Ukraine' (some basic points have not been introduced)

  • The Draft Law 2033а from June 5, 2015 'On amendments to Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine (about providing a law indictment right for certain categories of convicted citizens)'

  • The Draft Law 5271 from October 13, 2016 'On amendments to Сode of Civil Procedure of Ukraine (about trial by jury)'

  • The Draft Law №4038а from July 20, 2016 'On the protection of denunciator and information disclosure about public grievance or threat to public interests'

  • The Draft Law 1660-1 from January 9, 2015 'On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine about providing an activity of  the National anti-corruption bureau and the National agency of Ukraine on the issues of prevention of corruption'. 

  • The Draft Law 1591 from December 23,2014 'On amendments to some Laws of Ukraine about providing an information accessibility about the Verkhovna Rada activity, its committees and members of parliament'.